Friday, September 30, 2022

Suzuki Alto VXR, now with AGS


Pak Suzuki has now introduced Suzuki Alto VXR with AGS technology.

Since their inception 40 years ago, Pak Suzuki vehicles have been well-received by the consumer, and even today, the bestselling car in Pakistan happens to be Suzuki’s Alto.

Yet, the continuous improvement philosophy and a strong customer service focus are evident with its most recent upgrade to an already best-selling car.


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The technology is often confused for a fully automatic vehicle but is basically an automated manual transmission that eliminates the need to perform a clutch operation and gear shifting manually by the driver, hence providing the convenience of Automatic Transmission due to an electric motor that adds like a clutch. This added feature makes the drive less of a hassle and more of a comfortable task, perfect for urban commutes, and even longer commutes can be made with convenience.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly in the current scenario, AGS technology is well known for the fuel efficiency that it provides. And although the technology may sound expensive and all, the vehicle is very competitively priced.

Suzuki Alto VXR with AGS may just be the perfect choice in cars for its comfort, fuel efficiency, and competitive price.


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