Friday, September 30, 2022

Syrian man teaches daughter to laugh after hearing bomb explosions


A video showed a Syrian father taught his three-year-old daughter to laugh after hearing loud bomb explosions in bomb-ravaged Idlib in order to protect her from the ‘psychological crisis’.

The 32-year-old man Abdullah Al-Mohammad, who is currently living in Sarmada, a province of the city of Idlib, with his three-year-old daughter Salwa and wife. He was moved to his friend’s home after he and his family were forced to flee their own home, in the neighbouring Saraqib area of Idlib, because of the Syrian civil war.

He posted his video on Twitter where he demonstrated the game which he has devised to protect his daughter from the ‘psychological crisis’ caused by near-constant explosions, Dailymail UK reported.

Al-Mohammad questioned Salwa as a rumbling sound gets louder, “Is this a jet or a bomb?” The innocent girl replied that it is a bomb and we will laugh after it comes.

The video then captures the imposing sound of a bomb falling, prompting the little girl to burst into fits of laughter.

Mr Al-Mohammad adds: ‘Does it make you laugh?’

‘Yes, it is funny,’ Salwa replies.

The 32-year-old told Sky News that he said he devised the game to stop his daughter’s ‘psychological state from collapsing’ and she will not be affected by diseases relating to fear. She is a child who does not understand war, he added.

The father added that he wanted to turn the sound of the bombs into a ‘source of happiness’.

He told Al Jazeera that children in the neighbourhood used to play with bang snaps which made a loud noise when thrown on the ground.

When Salwa got scared when they were used during the Muslim festival of Eid, he showed her that it was ‘just a toy’. He said he used the same ‘pretext’ to convince his daughter that the bombing was ‘just a game’

The video, which Mr Al-Mohammad shared on his Twitter account, has been shared thousands of times and has received more than 4,000 likes.

‘I needed to remove the fear from her heart,’ the father added.


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