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Family of Muslim student suspended for homemade clock sues school

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES: The family of a Muslim teen arrested for taking a homemade clock to school - only to have it mistaken for a fake bomb - filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming his civil rights were violated.

US Muslim teen accused of clock-bomb to move to Qatar

The Muslim teenager arrested when a Texas teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb is moving to Qatar, local media reported a day after Ahmed Mohamed visited the White House.

'If that's a clock, I'm the Queen of England': US politician Sarah Palin attacks Muslim schoolboy

WASHINGTON: US politician Sarah Palin slammed Barack Obama for inviting a 14-year-old Muslim boy to the White House after he was accused by his teachers of making a bomb that turned out to be just a homemade clock and had him wrongly arrested.

Muslim teen Ahmed gets invites from Obama and Mark Zuckerberg

14 year-old Ahmed Mohamed, who brought a digital homemade clock to his school in Dallas, was invited by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and US President Obama.