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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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South African coronavirus variant may resist antibody drugs

"The data also suggest that the existing vaccines could be less effective against the South African variant"

Experts advise against antibody drugs in pediatric COVID-19

There is no evidence for safety and efficacy of monoclonal antibody therapy for treatment of COVID-19 in children or adolescents

One in 10 Spaniards have had coronavirus, antibody study shows

The share of the Spanish population that contracted coronavirus has nearly doubled to almost 10%, or about 4.7 million people, in the second wave

Antibodies might not be sole proof someone has recovered from COVID-19

Antibodies to the novel coronavirus should not be considered the only evidence that someone has recovered from COVID-19, researchers say

World’s first study of antibody treatment against COVID-19 begins

Eli Lilly and Co said on Monday it had started an early-stage trial to test its potential treatment for COVID-19

US firm claims breakthrough in Covid-19 antibody treatment

It says the treatment could be available months prior to the release of a vaccine into the market

Scientists discover antibody to block coronavirus spread in human body

The '47D11' antibody targets the 'spike protein' of the destructive coronavirus that has affected 3.53 million people globally.