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Search after asylum-seeker boat runs aground in croc-infested waters

An asylum-seeker boat has reached Australia for the first time in almost four years, the government said Monday, with many of those on board...

Iraqi teenager guilty of carrying out London train bombing

An Iraqi teenager was found guilty of attempted murder after detonating a homemade bomb on a packed rush-hour London commuter train on Sept. 15 last year injuring 30 people.

Swiss police say knife-wielding asylum seeker killed by officer

ZURICH: A refugee was shot and killed by Swiss police on Saturday after he charged at two other asylum seekers with knives, law enforcement...

From ‘never aggressive’ asylum seeker to Hamburg knife attacker

HAMBURG: Muddy bootprints along the corridors marked the tell-tale signs of a massive police raid at an asylum seeker shelter in Hamburg, where the...

Sweden intensifies crackdown on illegal immigrants

STOCKHOLM: Sweden has intensified its crackdown on illegal immigrants after a failed asylum-seeker killed five people in Stockholm, but the move has raised concerns...