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Undeclared assets: FBR digs out benami properties worth over Rs62.36 bn

FBR identified as many as 752 beneficiaries of these properties

FBR launches crackdown against benami assets in Punjab  

Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) on Friday launched crackdown against benami (undeclared) properties and vehicles in Punjab province.

FBR receives data of 300 people having benami properties in Islamabad

The references will be registered against the persons, who will be found guilty in the investigation.

FBR unearths 29 benami properties in KP

The properties were identified in Peshawar's areas of Hayatabad and University Town.

Punjab’s law minister directs to identify benami properties till Sept 30

In line with the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Punjab Minister for Law Raja Basharat on Thursday ordered all the commissioners and deputy commissioners to complete the identification of the benami properties by September 30.

PM Khan orders crackdown against benami property holders in Sindh

Chief Secretary Sind h has summoned an important meeting of the Commissioners and the Deputy Commissioners today to form a strategy in this regard.

Hudaibiya Mills is next in line after seizure of benami properties: Ali Zaidi

"The case related to Hudaibiya Mills is also coming under the category of benami [undisclosed] property."

FBR to serve notices to owners of benami properties

FBR officials claimed that these people own palatial houses, precious properties and luxury vehicles. They travel foreign countries several times in a year.

Seizure of Benami properties gets underway

Acting upon the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan over asset declaration, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has formally starting seizing undeclared (benami) properties in the country.

FBR all set to initiate crackdowns against benami assets

A high-powered authority has been constituted that was tasked to open thorough probe into benami accounts, whereas, FBR authorities have also established 'Benami Zones'.

Law against benami properties implemented: FBR

Under the law, benami properties would be confiscated for a period of ninety days.