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CJP Khosa asks judges to guide young lawyers  

The chief justice asked the judges' fraternity to always uphold the judicial values and decide the cases as per the cause list posted outside every court room.

No need for Supreme Court to intervene if officials efficient: CJP

'Everybody is entitled to dignity irrespective of his calling or job'

Instead of arguments, lawyers use fists, kicks to fight case: CJP

'Judges work hard to give with honesty verdicts which become the source of much comment in the evening'

Supreme Court acquits murder accused over lack of evidence

"Is it only the responsibility of the Supreme Court to check the evidence, when the record of the case was also available with the high court and the trial court earlier," Justice Khosa questioned.

Supreme Court acquits murder accused over false witness account

Chief Justice Khosa in his remarks over perjury said that false witnesses are now on the run after the court has initiated action against them.

CJP forms bench to decide time period of life term sentence

The chief justice said that determination of the period of life sentence is a matter of public interest.

SC rejects review petition against acquittal of murder accused

"The justice is impossible without truth. Be a truthful witness even it is against your parents, brother or relatives, it is a divine command," Justice Khosa added.

Judiciary suffering from lack of parliament’s attention: CJP

'It is unfortunate that for Parliament, probably, the justice system is not priority'

Pending criminal cases to be reduced to zero soon: CJP Khosa

The Supreme Court was hearing a murder case against Zafar Iqbal, who was accused of killing a man named Ghulam Qasir in Muzaffar Garh.

Lawyer is most honorable profession in society: Chief Justice Khosa

The study of history, mathematics and literature is essential for a good lawyer, the chief justice said.

Court couldn’t reject bail plea in bailable cases: Chief Justice Khosa

"It is surprising that even the trial court and the high court didn't give attention to the matter," Chief Justice Khosa said in his remarks during the case hearing.

Supreme Court constitutes bench to define ‘what is terrorism?’

Since 1997, it is not determined that which case comes in the ambit of terrorism, the chief justice said adding that the bench has been constituted to define the terrorism.

SC orders legal action against policeman over false testimony

The bench sent the matter to Sessions Judge Narowal with the directives of legal action against the ASI accused of perjury.

SC acquits murder suspect on ‘benefit of doubt’

Muhammad Zaman was handed death penalty for allegedly murdering a Rawalpindi citizen

False witness becomes ineligible for life under Islam to testify before court: CJP

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa on Friday said under the Islamic teachings a false witness becomes ineligible for life to testify before a...

SC upholds death sentence to five persons’ murderer

The court heard a plea of the man, convicted for killing a woman and four children in Peshawar, seeking his acquittal or commuting death sentence into life term

Supreme Court restores practice licence of Irfan Qadir

"Mr. Irfan welcome back, hopefully your relations will remain good with the bench," Chief Justice Asif Khosa said

Supreme Court summons false witness for perjury proceedings

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday summoned a Sahiwal resident over false testimony in a murder case and acquitted the accused after...

CJP Khosa’s oath-taking challenged in PHC

'The constitutional obligations were not fulfilled during the oath-taking of Justice Khosa.'

SC acquits man in Sheikhupura rape case

Complainant Bashir Ahmed relayed a false account of the incident