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Tag: chimpanzee

Scientists observe chimpanzees using human-like warfare tactic

On the boundary of dangerous territory, a troop of about 30 individuals engaging in a border patrol climbs a rocky hill to conduct reconnaissance....

Chimpanzee feeds fishes at park, video goes viral

A video involving a chimpanzee and a school of fish has gone viral on social media as it’s an absolute delight to watch. The 14-second...

Watch: Chimpanzee mother applies insect on son’s wound

Researchers have observed chimpanzees in Gabon, West Africa applying insects to their own and other chimp's wounds. In a study published on February 7,...

Chimpanzee washing clothes takes social media by storm

The video has over 3,000 likes on Instagram

WATCH: Czech chimps go wild for zoo Zoom

The chimpanzees at Safari Park Dvur Kralove and the troop at a zoo in Brno, 150 km away, can now watch one another’s daily lives on giant screens

Watch: Chimpanzee breaks out of zoo enclosure, returns on its own

The zoo emergency response unit was activated immediately, however, no intervention was required

WATCH: This chimpanzee learnt to wash clothes

According to the zookeeper, besides washing clothes, Yuhui can also mimic other human movements.

Cultural diversity in chimpanzees hurt by human incursion: study

Findings were based on existing studies supplemented with their own field observations of 46 communities over the past nine years.

Chimpanzee delighted at being reunited with human foster family

A chimpanzee was reunited with the humans who raised him after he was rejected by his mother. Mobile phone footage begins with Limbani quietly sipping...

WATCH: Dying chimpanzee recognizes old human friend in heart-melting video

A touching video is going rounds on the social media that shows a dying chimpanzee giving the final farewell to her old human friend...

Chimps prefer to cooperate over compete: study

MIAMI: Cooperation is often hailed as a key trait that separates humans from animals, but researchers said Monday that our closest relative, the chimpanzee, can learn to work as a team.