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Tag: Cholesterol

“Good” cholesterol levels tied to lower COVID-19 risks

Healthy levels of "good" HDL cholesterol are associated with a lower risk of severe COVID-19

Heart attacks, strokes increase when patients can’t afford newer cholesterol drugs

Clinical trials have shown that the new drugs, called PCSK9 inhibitors, can lower LDL-cholesterol significantly and also improve cardiovascular outcomes in people who don’t get enough benefit from statin drugs

Price of cholesterol drug reduced by 60 percent

Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals said that they will slash the US list price of their potent but expensive cholesterol fighter Praluent

Severely elevated cholesterol often goes untreated: study

WASHINGTON: Many patients with dangerously high cholesterol or a genetic predisposition to it don’t take statin drugs that can lower cholesterol, a U.S. study...

Cholesterol-slashing drug does not impair brain: study

WASHINGTON: A new cholesterol-slashing drug that has shown promise for high-risk patients does not impair brain function, according to a study out Saturday. Previous research...

Cholesterol no longer a concern: US experts

MIAMI: A warning against eating foods high in cholesterol is no longer included in the US government's draft dietary guidelines for Americans, representing a major shift in policy, officials said Thursday.

5 Things to Love About Coconut Oil

Although coconut water may not be quite as beneficial as we thought, that doesn't mean that you still can't get health benefits from coconut in other forms.

Four Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally

Everyone wants a healthy cholesterol number when they go in to see their doctor. But just in case your cholesterol levels could use some improvement, did you know that you can do just a few things to lower your cholesterol naturally? Read on four easy ways to do just that!