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CIA chief made secret trip to Ukraine: US official

WASHINGTON: CIA Director William Burns recently traveled to Ukraine where he met with intelligence counterparts and President Volodymyr Zelensky, a US official confirmed to...

Turkey shares ‘evidence’ with CIA chief over Khashoggi murder

ISTANBUL: Turkish intelligence has shared "all the evidence" over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi with the CIA chief during a visit, Turkish pro-government media...

Pakistan must act against safe havens or US will: CIA chief

WASHINGTON: Mike Pompeo, Director of the US's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), says if Pakistan doesn't act against terror safe havens in the country the US "will...

CIA director warns Trump to watch what he says

WASHINGTON: CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday offered a stern parting message for Donald Trump days before the Republican U.S. president-elect takes office, cautioning...

Two men arrested in US for hacking email of CIA chief

WASHINGTON: Two men suspected of belonging to a network that hacked the emails of top American officials including CIA chief John Brennan were arrested Thursday in North Carolina, the authorities announced.

Military solution ‘impossible’ in parts of Middle East: CIA chief

WASHINGTON: A military solution is "impossible" in parts of the Middle East, US CIA chief John Brennan said Tuesday, arguing that it was hard to picture effective central governments in some countries as they exist today.