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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tag: Discrimination

Asad Umar rejects CM Murad’s allegations of discrimination with Sindh province

"Centre will spend on the people of Sindh, not its government"

For Asian-Americans, Atlanta shooting sows fresh fear after a year of mounting discrimination

Across the United States, many Asian-Americans reeled at the news of a shooting spree at three spas in and around Atlanta on Tuesday night that left eight people dead.

Ayushmann Khurrana says Bollywood is free of discrimination

Nobody discusses cast or religion, he says.

Indian legislator thrashes low-caste man over buying car

In another incident of caste discrimination in Indian society, a legislator belonging to upper-caste subjected a Dalit man to brutal torture over purchasing a luxurious car in Gujarat.

Doctor moms struggle with discrimination, too

Doctor moms regularly run up against discrimination, sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant, a new survey finds. “Experiences of discrimination resonate and relate with the experiences...

No nepotism, carrying out across the board accountability: Chairman NAB

ISLAMABAD: Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Justice retired Javed Iqbal on Thursday while ruling out allegations of nepotism, has said the bureau is carrying...

Facebook accused of discrimination with job ad targeting

A complaint has been filed with the US government accusing Facebook and 10 other companies of using the platform's job ad targeting system to discriminate on the basis of gender.

Priyanka reveals she was rejected for a film role due to her skin color

MUMBAI: Indian film star Priyanka Chopra in an interview talked about how she lost out on a film due to her skin color. While talking...

Over 100 Indian army officers move court over discrimination in promotions

NEW DELHI: Indian armed forces faces an awkward situation as more than 100 lieutenant colonels and majors of the Army have moved the Supreme Court over...

Doctors who are mothers face discrimination

NEW YORK: About two thirds of female physicians with children have experienced gender discrimination and one third report discrimination due to, maternity leave or...

Minorities in India being treated with hatred, discrimination: US commission

WASHINGTON: United States Commission on International Religious Freedom stated that Muslims and other religious minorities in India are subjected to hatred and discrimination, ARY...

Airbnb vows to root out home-sharing discrimination

SAN FRANCISCO: Airbnb on Friday said it is cracking down on racism after booting one home-sharing host for blatantly discriminating against a woman of color who had made a reservation.

California Muslims sue over hijab discrimination

LOS ANGELES: Two lawsuits filed in California on Monday claim that Muslim women were discriminated against in separate incidents because of their religion and for wearing the hijab.

Fired US McDonald's workers allege racial discrimination

NEW YORK: A group of former McDonald's workers is suing the fast-food giant in the United States for alleged racial discrimination and sexual harassment after they were fired from several restaurants in Virginia.