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Tag: DNA

Researchers engineer bacteria that can detect tumor DNA

Pushing into a new chapter of technologically advanced biological sensors, scientists from the University of California San Diego and their colleagues in Australia have...

Greece boat tragedy: DNA samples collected from families of 126 missing victims

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has obtained DNA samples from the families of 126 missing victims of the Greece boat tragedy, it emerged Thursday. Samples...

Nosheen Kazmi case: No one else’s DNA found in forensic report

The DNA report of Nosheen Kazmi, who was found dead hanging in her hostel room in Chandka medical collage, shows that no DNA was...

Woman claims to have DNA evidence to prove she went missing decades ago

She said that blood does not lie and DNA test does not lie at all

Missing girl case: Cops seek DNA of woman who appeared in viral TikTok video

Washington Police department has reportedly sought a comparison of DNA of an unidentified woman who appeared in a viral TikTok video with the DNA of a four-year-old girl who vanished in 2003.

Police solve burglary case using DNA of half-eaten sausage

Germany police officials have claimed to solve the mystery of a nine-year-old burglary by using the DNA of a half-eaten sausage.

Karachi police make major progress in Marwah rape, murder case

Police said that the suspect Nawaz was not found guilty in the incident.

PIA plane crash: 66 bodies identified so far, says Azra Fazl Pechuhu

Azra Fazl Pechuhu said that 97 bodies have been recovered from the site of the PIA plane crash and all victims were passengers of the ill-fated plane.

US ready to collect DNA from detained migrants

The US government announced Friday it is ready to begin collecting DNA from all immigrants it detains, to be saved in a federal police database.

DNA report confirms ‘rape; of slain minor girl in Nowshera

Police officials said the report confirmed the culprits had raped the girl.

SHC admonishes IGP Sindh for delaying DNA process in rape cases  

IGP Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam said that he was completely following the 760 rape cases registered across the province.

Negligence in Nimrita murder case, DNA report shows complicity

Alleged murder of medical student Nimrita Kumari has faced another hurdle when it was revealed that the DNA tests were not possible due to the delay in getting the samples to the lab.

Where DNA falls short in cracking crimes, scientists can use this new tool

DNA is a relatively fragile molecule that breaks down easily. That’s where proteomics, the new science of analyzing proteins, comes in.

Kidnapped teenage girl is dead: DNA test

DNA results have officially confirmed that a kidnapped 15-year-old Romanian girl was dead, prosecutors said on Saturday

‘Cat-fox’: On the trail of what may be a new species

'The cat-fox is part of our shepherd mythology. From generation to generation, they told stories of how the forest cats would attack the udders of their ewes and goats'

First US murder trial using DNA, family tree evidence

The trucker is accused of killing two young Canadians, Jay Cook, 20, and his girlfriend Tanya Van Cuylenborg, 18, in 1987.

China to tighten rules on foreigners using genetic material

The new regulations would take effect from July 1, and were aimed at promoting the proper use of such material, ranging from DNA to human organs, blood and tissue

Human cousin explains mountain gene mutation

A jawbone dating from at least 160,000 years ago of a Denisovan -- a now-extinct branch of humanity -- is the first of its kind discovered outside of southern Siberia

Body parts of Hazarganji suicide bomber sent for DNA

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials have decided for geo-fencing of the crime scene.

Variation in colour and behaviour in the wall lizard explained!

The researchers found that the genomes of differently coloured lizards are virtually identical – except for very specific portions of the DNA sequence