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Google Earth user finally founds fabled UFO

He said it was a mind-blowing discovery

VIDEO: Creepy hooded figures spotted in ‘ghost town’ on Google Earth

In a bizarre incident, a TikToker using Google Earth spotted creepy men wearing white cloaks in an abandoned town in Nevada, US.

Google Earth gets new 3D time-lapse feature

In a bid to let the users see how the Earth has changed during the past 37 years, Google Earth has launched a new 3D "time-lapse" feature.  

Man finds image of father on Google Earth seven years after death

I saw my father who has passed away seven years ago, the user wrote on Twitter while sharing the image of his father standing on the side of the road.

UFO hunters shocked after spotting bizarre orb shape on Google Earth

Many conspiracy theorists went into a frenzy online after bizarre footage emerged on Google Earth which shows what appears to be an alien spaceship. The...

Google Earth re-invented for new era

SAN FRANCISCO: Google on Tuesday launched a re-imagined version of its free Earth mapping service, weaving in storytelling and artificial intelligence and freeing it from...