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Boy found dead due to physical abuse, forced exercises by grandparents: police

James Alex Hurley was found dead inside a living room who had been living with his grandparents and uncle for the last two years.

Grandparents who burnt 11-month-old boy in stove get jailtime

A mother penned down an emotional poem on social media for her 11-month-old son, who was killed in a horrific act from grandparents, who initially suffocated him and later burned him alive

Most grandparents keep pills where grandkids can get them

When grandparents take medicines on visits to see their grandchildren, 72 percent of them keep pills in a bag or nurse, while 7% leave drugs out on the counter

Trump asks Supreme Court to block travel ban ruling

WASHINGTON: The U.S. Justice Department on Friday asked the Supreme Court to block a judge's ruling that prevented President Donald Trump's travel ban from...

Legal setback for Trump travel ban as judge allows grandparents

WASHINGTON: A federal judge in Hawaii ruled Thursday that grandparents, grandchildren and other relatives of people in the United States should be exempt from...