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Biden aims to close Guantanamo prison before leaving office

Aides involved in internal discussions are considering an executive action to be signed by Biden in coming weeks or months, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters

Guantanamo ‘prepared’ for new inmates: US admiral

WASHINGTON: A top US military official said Thursday the prison at Guantanamo Bay is "prepared" to take new detainees, but has not yet received...

Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo detention center open

WASHINGTON: U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he signed an order to keep open the military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which...

Canada apologises, pays damages to former Guantanamo detainee

OTTAWA: The Canadian government on Friday issued an official apology and agreed to pay damages to a former Guantanamo detainee who was captured in...

Life after Guantanamo: A tale of two Afghan friends

BATI KOT, Afghanistan: Two Afghan friends were incarcerated together at Guantanamo Bay, but they chose starkly divergent paths after release ?- one became an...

Two more freed Guantanamo inmates rejoined militant groups: US

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: In the first six months of 2016, two more militants released from the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have returned to fighting, the US government said on Wednesday.

9/11 pilot’s mother believes he is alive in Guantanamo

MADRID: The mother of Mohammed Atta, one of the kamikaze hijackers who destroyed the World Trade Center, says she believes her son is alive at the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, in an interview published Sunday in Spain.

Obama finds Guantanamo promise is hard to keep

NEW YORK: President Barack Obama is again facing dissent from within his administration – this time from Attorney General Loretta Lynch - over his plans to shutter the Guantanamo Bay military prison, according to senior administration officials.

Pentagon to send about a dozen Guantanamo inmates to other countries soon

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon plans to transfer about a dozen inmates of the Guantanamo military prison to at least two countries that have agreed to take them, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, the latest move in President Barack Obama's final push to close the facility.

Obama presents plan to close Guantanamo prison

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama presented a long-shot plan Tuesday to shutter the Guantanamo Bay detention center, hoping to fulfill an elusive campaign promise before he leaves office next year.

Last UK resident freed from Guantanamo may seek damages

LONDON: The last British resident detained in Guantanamo Bay is reportedly planning to seek compensation from the British government, following his release after more than 13 years in the top-security US military jail.

U.S. sends six Yemeni prisoners from Guantanamo to Oman for resettlement

WASHINGTON: Six Yemenis held for more than a decade at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo have been flown to Oman for resettlement, the Pentagon said on Saturday, the latest step in President Barack Obama's slow push to close the facility.

Obama, Republicans rejoin fight over closing Guantanamo

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama this week renewed his pledge to shut down the Guantanamo Bay military prison, despite strong objections from Republicans who fear inmates could join jihadist battles currently raging across the globe.

US releases five Guantanamo inmates to Kazakhstan

GUANTANAMO: The United States has sent five detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay to Kazakhstan, marking a renewed push by President Barack Obama to close the controversial jail.

U.S. sends four Guantanamo prisoners home to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON: Four Afghans held for over a decade at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have been sent home to Afghanistan, the Pentagon said on Saturday, the latest step in a slow-moving push by the Obama administration to close the facility.

Guantanamo judge rules 9/11 suspect should be tried with others

FORT MEADE Md.: A military judge ruled on Wednesday that one of the men accused of plotting the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States must at least temporarily rejoin the other four defendants in a single trial despite concerns about his mental health.