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Job application written by Apple’s Steve Jobs put up for auction  

A job application hand-written by Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs in 1973 has been put up for auction.

This is how Apple’s Steve Jobs CV in 1973 looked like!

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs is considered among one of the top tech innovators in the contemporary world. A job application filled by 18-year-old Steve Jobs...

These 11 qualities you need to get a job at Google

Did you ever think about the number of job applications Google receives in a year and its hiring figure.? Well, it's something surprisingly amazing. There is...

7-year-old girl applies for a job at Google, gets heart-warming reply from CEO

CALIFORNIA: A seven-year-old girl has written a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai asking for a job and the CEO’s reply to the little...