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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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‘Slow but sure’ progress toward less toxic tools to fight cancer

John Ryan is just one of the miracles to emerge from the Johns Hopkins cancer unit in Baltimore. An immunotherapy treatment -- highly effective...

Iran’s Khamenei says next president should be less engaged with West

TEHRAN: Iran's supreme leader called on presidential candidates on Tuesday to champion economic self-sufficiency, further distancing himself from Hassan Rouhani's policy of opening to...

Toddlers playing with touchscreens sleep less: study

PARIS: The more toddlers play with touchscreen devices the less they sleep, according to a study released Thursday that suggests the findings could be...

Sitting less linked to lower risk of diabetes

LONDON: People who spend time walking or even just standing instead of sitting down may be at lower risk of diabetes, a UK study...

People eat less when wearing ‘bite counters’

LONDON: People who wear “bite counters” on their wrists while eating tend to cut down on how much they consume during a meal, a study suggests.

Mobile language apps help millions learn less, more often

FRANKFURT: Smartphone apps that help people learn languages for free or nearly free, a few sentences at a time, are piling pressure on established education firms and setting the pace for how to make lessons more engaging.

King’s changes make Saudi policy less predictable

RIYADH: Changes in Saudi Arabia's leadership have concentrated power in an inner circle of the Al Saud dynasty, removing constraints on the monarch and making the conservative kingdom's strategic positions less predictable.