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China may scrap two-child limit: report

BEIJING: China appears poised to scrap its two-child policy, with a state-run newspaper Monday citing a draft civil code that would overhaul decades of...

Teenagers are now taking steps to limit social media use: Study

NEW YORK: It’s not just parents who are worrying about their children’s device usage. According to a new study released by Pew Research Center...

LHC orders to implement one dish limit in court functions

LAHORE: Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) Syed Mansoor Ali Shah on Tuesday ordered to implement one dish limit in all the functions to...

Bill in US state aims to limit transgender access to bathrooms

CALIFORNIA: South Carolina lawmakers have introduced a measure that would require transgender people to use public bathrooms matching their sex at birth, disregarding a growing outcry for a repeal of a similar provision enacted last month in North Carolina.

Turkey says its patience with Russia ‘has a limit’: newspaper

ROME: Turkey's foreign minister said Ankara's patience with Russia "has a limit" after Moscow's "exaggerated" reaction to a weekend naval incident between the two countries, an Italian newspaper reported on Monday.

Google panel backs ‘removal of links’ from EU websites

BRUSSELS: A panel of experts appointed by Google to advise it on how to implement an EU ruling ordering it to remove links to some personal information from search results has backed the company's view that links be removed only from websites in the EU.