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Khamenei urges India to stop the massacre of Muslims

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei urged India on Thursday to “confront extremist Hindus” and “stop the massacre of Muslims”

Criticism as Modi govt uses facial recognition tech during CAA-NRC protests

Activists are worried about insufficient regulation around the new technology, amid what they say is a crackdown on dissent under Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Jamia shooter Rambhakt Gopal told family he was going to school

The incident, captured in dramatic pictures on Thursday, was the first time a civilian had opened fire on protesters in the capital

Man fires at protest against India’s new citizenship law

Witnesses said the man holding a gun shouted slogans against the protesters near Jamia Millia Islamia University, before firing at them

Indian police arrest protest organiser Sharjeel Imam on ‘sedition’ charges

The BJP has sought to depict him as a dangerous rebel in national media and in party rallies ahead of a state election in New Delhi on Feb. 8

Indian protesters use WhatsApp groups to gather for anti-CAA protests

Police quickly dispersed the group and briefly detained six people, but for Syed Faheem - who formed the WhatsApp group - it marked another successful flash protest

From housewives to hijab-clad students, women take centre stage in Indian protests

As a crowd of protesters swelled around them under the watchful eyes of dozens of policemen in riot gear, a cluster of young female students in burqas stood outside their university in New Delhi shouting anti-government slogans.