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Tag: parrots

Child maid ‘tortured to death’ for mistakenly releasing parrots from cage

The incident took place in Rawalpindi city where a child maid, 8-year-old Zohra, was reportedly tortured to death by a couple over mistakenly releasing two parrots from a cage.

Parrots get probability, use stats to make choices: study

Parrots can learn to choose based on probability, making them the first animal outside of the great ape family that uses statistical modelling in their decision-making process

Macaws offer feathered ‘therapy’ to suffering Venezuelans

A 2015 study found that Caracas has between 200 and 300 blue and yellow macaws, which are believed to have come from the jungles of southern Venezuela

Birds just wanna have fun: like humans, cockatoos love to dance

Their unique capacity for complex vocal learning sets parrots apart.

Experiment finds parrots think in economic terms

Sometimes, it pays to wait – for example when it comes to choosing between an immediate, but small, reward and a greater reward at...