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$600 million art collection featuring Warhol, Picasso heads to auction

Sept 9 (Reuters) - Sotheby's on Thursday announced the sale of a private modern and contemporary art collection featuring Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso...

Picasso in I.Coast? A village tells of its brush with the artist

French travel guide Petit Fute describes Fakaha as "internationally renowned" for its hand-spun cotton cloth which is painted by the Senufo people.

Stolen Picasso unearthed by ‘Indiana Jones of art’

The discovery of the rare portrait of Maar, one of Pablo Picasso's most influential mistresses, is the culmination of a four-year investigation into the burglary on the luxury yacht Coral Island,

Meet Ai-Da, the robot artist!

Ai-Da’s makers say she will have a “RoboThespian” body with expressive movements and she will talk and answer questions

‘Augmented reality’ brings art alive in Vienna

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: Vienna's Albertina art gallery unveiled on Tuesday a new mobile phone application that "brings to life" works by the likes of Monet...

Picasso’s mansion set to sell for 20 million euros

NICE: Picasso's mansion on the French Riviera -- where his last wife tragically shot herself -- is expected to be sold for more than...

‘Spiderman’ burglar on trial over $100m Paris art haul

PARIS: A burglar known as "Spiderman", notorious for daring acrobatic heists, goes on trial Monday for the 2010 theft of a $100-million haul that...

Move over Picasso: first-ever emojis to hang in NY Museum of Modern Art

NEW YORK: Smiley faces and images of food and cats designed almost 20 years ago by a Japanese phone company and used in digital...