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Pope has scan due to flu, lung complications ruled out

Pope Francis went to a hospital in Rome on Saturday for a scan, which the Vatican said had ruled out lung complications after a...

Sport in 2019: Ten offbeat stories

AFP Sport looks back at 10 of the best offbeat moments in sport in 2019

Pope slams nuclear deterrent, ‘unspeakable horror’ of Nagasaki

Pope Francis Sunday railed against atomic weapons, the nuclear deterrent and the growing arms trade, as he paid tribute to the victims of the "unspeakable horror" of the Nagasaki bomb.

Top pope aide convicted of child sex crimes

Australian Cardinal George Pell, one of Pope Francis' closest advisors, has been found guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys

Nun scolds bishops on abuse: ‘This storm will not pass’

“How could the clerical Church have kept silent, covering these atrocities? The silence, the carrying of the secrets in the hearts of the perpetrators, the length of the abuses and the constant transfers of perpetrators are unimaginable"

Vatican defrocks former US cardinal for child sexual abuse

Pope Francis has defrocked a former cardinal in a first for the Roman Catholic church over accusations American Theodore McCarrick sexually abused a teenager 50 years ago

60-year-old priest jailed for sexual abuse

A French priest was sentenced to five years, two without parole, for sexually assaulting four young female parishioners, one of whom was just nine when the offences started

Pope says abortion is like hiring ‘contract killer’

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis on Wednesday compared having an abortion to hiring a "contract killer". "Interrupting a pregnancy is like eliminating someone," Francis said in...

Archbishop who called on Pope to resign says corruption reaches the top

VATICAN CITY: The archbishop who sparked a crisis in the Catholic Church by calling on Pope Francis to resign has denied he was motivated...

Pope says church shamed by ‘repugnant’ Irish abuse

DUBLIN: Pope Francis marked the first papal visit to Ireland in 39 years by acknowledging that the failure of Church authorities to adequately address...

Pope condemns ‘atrocities’ of US clerical child abuse

WASHINGTON: Pope Francis condemned Monday the "atrocities" revealed by a far-reaching US report into clerical child sex abuse in the state of Pennsylvania issued...

Pope appoints 14 new cardinals, including Pakistan’s Joseph Coutts

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis appointed 14 new cardinals Thursday, a diverse selection from all over the world including Iraq, Pakistan, Madagascar and Japan whom...

Pope to appoint 14 new cardinals including one from Pakistan

Pope Francis announced Sunday that he will hold a meeting of the Church's top council to appoint 14 new cardinals next month, including from...

Pope becomes ice cream man for a day

Here’s the scoop: Pope Francis became an ice cream man for a day on Monday as Rome charity workers dished out 3,000 helpings of...

Pope acknowledges his ‘serious mistakes’ in Chile sexual abuse crisis

SANTIAGO/VATICAN: Pope Francis acknowledged on Wednesday that he had made “serious mistakes in judgment and perception” of the sexual abuse crisis in Chile, and...

Pope rails against ‘fake news’

ROME: Pope Francis warned on Wednesday against the temptation of fake news, drawing a parallel between ethically compromised journalism and the biblical tale of...

Pope defends in-flight wedding from conservatives

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis on Sunday defended his decision to marry a couple aboard a plane in Chile last week, responding to criticism by...

Pope performs first marriage on board a papal flight

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE: At 36,000 feet, it was a marriage almost made in heaven. In the first such ceremony on a papal flight, Pope...

Myanmar social media anger after Pope uses ‘Rohingya’ word

DHAKA: Pope Francis's embrace of the Rohingya during a trip to Bangladesh has sparked some angry comment on social media in Myanmar, where just...

Pope urges ‘decisive’ measures on Rohingya crisis

DHAKA: Pope Francis on Thursday called for “decisive” international measures on the Rohingya refugee crisis as he began a visit to Bangladesh, where more...