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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tag: Rabies

US man woke up with bat on his neck, here’s what happened

He complained of extreme numbness and difficulties moving his limbs

Dogs bite 8 in Sindh, no vaccines in local healthcare facility

Eight unfortunate individuals were bitten by alleged rabid dogs on Wednesday, three out of the eight bitten are kids.

Dog-bite victim from Badin admitted to Jinnah hospital

He was bitten by a rabid dog two months back

Dog bites 7 year old in Sindh, hospital has no rabies vaccine

A seven-year-old boy has reportedly been bitten by a stray dog on Thursday, the child was immediately shifted to the nearby healthcare facility.

Minor boy injured in Pano Aqil dog-bite incident

The incident occurred in Raza Goth village of the Pano Aqil tehsil and the minor boy, who got injured in the dog attack, was shifted to the Taluqa Hospital for initial dose of anti-rabies vaccine and first aid treatment.

Boy dies of rabies due to unavailability of vaccine in Khairpur

The boys parents visited different hospitals and health centres, but failed in getting the vaccine.

CM Murad takes notice of boy who died of rabies due to unavailability of vaccine

The Sindh CM has sought a thorough report from the commissioner Larkana into the matter.

Minor boy dies of rabies as govt hospitals run out of vaccine

10-year-old Mir Hasan died in the lap of his helpless mother sitting in front of the Larkana commissioner’s office.

Lack of anti-rabies vaccination in Sindh results in another death

The Ministry of Health, Sindh continues to disappoint as 8 year old Rizwan succumbed to the rabies virus after a dog bit him a month prior.

Scientists to test tailor-made vaccine tech to fight epidemics

LONDON: A global coalition set up to fight disease epidemics is investing up to $8.4 million to develop a synthetic vaccine system that could...

4,629 cases of rabbies reported in Karachi this year

World Rabies Day is observed across the globe including Pakistan on Wednesday.