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Scientists engineer fruit flies capable of ‘virgin birth’

Scientists said on Friday they have genetically engineered female fruit flies that can have offspring without needing a male, marking the first time "virgin...

Scientists document how space travel messes with human brain

Space can be an unfriendly place for the human body, with microgravity conditions and other factors tampering with our physiology, from head to toe - head,...

Scientists create new type of ice that doesn’t float or sink

In a major development, scientists have created an entirely new type of ice that does not float or sink. Scientists at University College London and...

Scientists reveal secrets of frog transparency

While lizards change colour based on their surroundings, some frog species have a unique ability to turn their appearance on and off.  In South and...

What caused holes in Sue the T. rex’s jawbone? Scientists are stumped

Sue, the biggest and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever unearthed, no doubt was a fearsome beast when this predator prowled what is now South...

Analysis: Scientists look to solve ozone threat to Africa’s food security

Plant scientist Felicity Hayes checks on her crops inside one of eight tiny domed greenhouses set against the Welsh hills. The potted pigeon pea...

Scientists find simple, safe method to destroy ‘forever chemicals’

WASHINGTON: "Forever chemicals" used in daily items like nonstick pans have long been linked to serious health issues – a result of their toxicity...

In a first, scientists successfully grow plants in lunar soil

That's one small pot of soil, one giant leap for man's knowledge of space agriculture: scientists have for the first time grown plants in...

Scientists warn about 10ft rise in sea levels amid rapid melts in West Antarctica

Scientists have warned that the melting of ice in the West Antarctica Ice sheet can cause global sea levels to rise up to 10...

Spinning object near Milky Way catches scientists off guard

There is a mystery surrounding the phenomenon despite theories on it.

Scientists scrutinise characteristics of new Omicron sub-variant

Studies are underway to find out the precise characteristics of the latest Covid-19 variant ‘BA.2’. It already accounts for the majority of most recent...

‘Dragon Man’: Scientists say new human species is our closest ancestor

Scientists announced Friday that a skull discovered in northeast China represents a newly discovered human species they have named Homo longi, or "Dragon Man"...

Scientists convert plastic waste into vanilla flavouring

In the next stage, scientists will try to further tweak the bacteria to increase the conversion rate further.

Scientists discover first space hurricane above Earth

The hurricane occurred in August 2014, but the observations made by satellites were only recently uncovered.

New variant of coronavirus may be more able to infect children

A new variant of the coronavirus spreading rapidly in Britain carries mutations that could mean children are as susceptible to becoming infected with it as adults.

Scientists clarify origins of pterosaurs, the dinosaur era’s flying reptiles

Scientists may have solved one of paleontology’s enduring mysteries - the evolutionary origins of the flying reptiles called pterosaurs

Research finds widespread water on the moon but not to drink (yet)

The moon lacks the bodies of liquid water that are a hallmark of Earth but scientists said today lunar water is more widespread than previously known

Scientists in China believe new drug can stop pandemic ‘without vaccine’

A Chinese laboratory has been developing a drug it believes has the power to bring the coronavirus pandemic to a halt.

Scientists discover antibody to block coronavirus spread in human body

The '47D11' antibody targets the 'spike protein' of the destructive coronavirus that has affected 3.53 million people globally.

UK scientists start animal testing of coronavirus vaccine

A team of UK scientists believe they are among the first to start animal testing of a vaccine for the new coronavirus outbreak.