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Mysterious sea creature’s video goes viral

Marine life continues to amaze human beings as we come across weird and eye-catching sea creatures now and then.

VIRAL: Bizzare sea creature horrifies netizens

Kristine Tillotson said bone collecting groups identified the sea creature as a monkeyface prickleback eel.

‘Alien-like’ sea creature at beach leaves people stunned

The strange sea creature has four limbs, a reptile skull and tail

VIRAL but SCARY: Mysterious sea creature chases fisherman

The creature was diving out of the water approximately ten times during its chase

What is it?: Pictures of strange creature on beach go viral on social media

The ocean plays host to various mysterious things whether it be unique creatures that have unique and baffling features. Recently, a strange creature was...

Horrific images: Fisherman catches ‘real-life sea monster’

The photos show the creature's incredibly large jaws with a close-up that reveals its sharp teeth.

Mysterious hairy sea creature washes up on Philippines beach

A mysterious sea creature which looked like a "dead monster" washed up on a beach in the Philippines sparking fears of an impending disaster.

Giant mystery sea creature washes up on a beach in Indonesia

JAKARTA: A mystery sea creature washed up on a remote Indonesian beach, baffling local villagers about its appearance and massive size. The amorphous carcass - measuring around...

WATCH: 120-metre ‘sea monster’ spotted on Google Earth

A mysterious creature was spotted on Google Earth near Antartica, causing frenzy among people to figure out what actually it is.