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Tag: sewer

Man rescued after trapped for three days in sewer

A man named Antonio was rescued after trapped for three days in the sewer of Mexico City. The man, named Antonio, had entered the drainage...

Jubilee Market: More shops built on Karachi sewer crumble, floor caves in

KARACHI: Some five more shops have been partially destroyed on Monday in yet another episode of market floor caving in Karachi's famous Jubilee market...

WATCH: Newborn girl abandoned at sewer rescued

An abandoned newborn girl was rescued from a garbage heap after a neighbour noticed tiny cries coming out from the place.

WATCH: 13-foot king cobra pulled from sewer

King cobras, however, mainly feed on other snakes -- particularly the rat snake

Five cars tumble after sewer line collapses in Gulshan-e-Iqbal

The sewer culvert outside residential apartments caved in owing to the weight of the vehicles parked on it

13-year-old rescued after dozen hours in LA sewer

LOS ANGELES: A 13-year-old boy has been rescued after spending 12 hours trapped in a maze of sewer tunnels in Los Angeles.  "I was just...

Monster ‘fatberg’ found in east London sewer

LONDON: Biggest “ fatberg ” ever seen in Britain - a ball of fat as long as three football pitches - has been found...

WATCH: Man throws cigarette into sewer, instantly regrets it

A man has miraculously escaped death after throwing a cigarette butt down a sewer hole causing an enormous explosion that sent him flying backwards. The...