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Shahi Qila: Car drifting event held at int’l heritage site

LAHORE: The Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) has once again violated the regulations defined for the international heritage site by granting permission to...

Youngster falls from 200-ft high Lahore Fort wall while taking selfie

The administration of the Fort asked him repeatedly to refrain from climbing up the wall, said a spokesman of the walled city.

Negligence of WCLA endangers int’l heritage status of Lahore Fort

Prominent archaeologists including former directors of the concerned departments have expressed reservations over the negligence of WCLA officials.

Shahi Qila closed for public amid coronavirus fears

Lahore on Sunday reported first coronavirus case.

WCLA allows to hold private ceremony at Int’l heritage site Shahi Qila: sources

Heavy lights and sound systems were placed in the fort for the ceremony.

Case registered for turning Shahi Qila into a marriage hall

The case has been registered on the complaint of WCLA's Assistant Director Ali Islam.

Int’l heritage site Shahi Qila turns into wedding hall in Lahore

At least 300 persons have been hosted in the event while several fancy canopies and powerful sound system were installed for entertaining the guests at the Lahore Fort.

Lahore’s ‘Great picture wall’ restored for public view

The total surface area of this Mughal architectural mastery is a flabbergasting 8,000 square yards. Nearly 1,500 feet in length and some 50 feet in height, (450 x 15 metres) this mosaic excellence holds the distinction for being the largest mural in the world.