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Is there life on Mars? Maybe, and it could have dropped its teddy

Scientists say that the circular fracture pattern might be due to the settling of a deposit over a buried impact crater

Know how Teddy Bear’s invention is linked to US President Roosevelt

The teddy bear was invented in the honor of US President Theodore Roosevelt and it all began with an event in 1902 when he...

No picnic for teddy bears asleep in pandemic

“Not only we did not have toys but we barely had clothes”

Eight-year-old boy going into surgery asks doctor to fix his teddy bear

OTTAWA: An eight-year-old boy, going into surgery, requested a surgeon to fix his teddy bear in Halifax. Jackson McKie, who was under the knife himself,...

Frightening footage: Teddy bear captured moving on its own at night

A spooky footage has surfaced on the internet showing a child’s teddy bear appearing to move on its own at night.