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US couple detained in Uganda face child trafficking charge

A US couple detained in Uganda on charges of aggravated torture of a 10-year-old boy face an additional charge of aggravated child trafficking which...

US couple returns home to find house filled with birds

CALIFORNIA: A couple came back from a trip to their house in California, US and was left in shock after finding hundreds of birds...

US couple arrested for selling nuclear warship information

A US couple has been arrested in the state of West Virginia for allegedly selling information on nuclear warships to what they believed was...

Couple adopts seven siblings after parents die in car accident

The children, who ranged in age from 1 to 12, had been in foster care for more than a year after losing both parents in a horrific car crash.

US couple married 77 years buried holding hands in single casket

MISSOURI, US: An elderly couple married for 77 years carried their love to the grave after they were buried together in a single casket...