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Bernie Sanders hits 2020 trail with a return to Brooklyn roots

Bernie Sanders will hit the 2020 campaign trail for the first time on Saturday with a rally in his native Brooklyn, New York

Congress begins Russia hacking probe, Trump still sceptical of US intelligence

WASHINGTON: Senior US intelligence officials will testify in Congress on Thursday on Russia's alleged cyber attacks during the 2016 election campaign, even as President-elect...

Clinton heads back to campaign trail after pneumonia scare

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail once again on Thursday after trying to put aside a badly handled health scare that rattled her bid for the US presidency.

Amid campaign turmoil, Trump allies urge him to get back on track

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: Supporters of Republican Donald Trump urged him to get back on message on Thursday after a week of dropping opinion poll numbers and a war of words with ranking Republicans over his US presidential campaign.

Republicans mull Clinton amid repeated Trump stumbles

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: Internal party turmoil over Donald Trump spilled into public alarm on Wednesday after unprecedented self-inflicted mistakes by the Republican nominee, as some conservatives prepared to do the unthinkable: vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Republican rift widens as Trump declines to endorse Ryan, McCain

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES: US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump ratcheted up tensions in his party on Tuesday by denying two leading figures, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain, support in their re-election bids.

Clinton, Trump take gloves off in White House slog

HARRISBURG, UNITED STATES: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump traded insults at opposite ends of the country on Friday, taking their fight for the White House to rival battleground states and portraying starkly different visions of America.

US Republicans nominate Donald Trump for president

CLEVELAND, UNITED STATES: Republicans formally chose Donald Trump as the party's presidential nominee Tuesday, a landmark moment in American politics and a stunning victory for a man whose White House ambitions were once openly mocked.

Obama slams Trump for promising to roll back Wall Street reforms

ELKHART, INDIANA: President Barack Obama slammed Donald Trump's proposal to weaken Wall Street reforms and touted his own economic record on Wednesday during a trip to a city he visited three weeks into his presidency that has recovered from its recession lows.

Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders win Wisconsin

WASHINGTON: Republican Ted Cruz and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders snatched victories in the crucial Wisconsin presidential primary Tuesday, sending a message to frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that their march to the nominations are not foregone conclusions.

Trump rebounds in White House race; Sanders surprises Clinton

Republican leaders opposed to Donald Trump becoming the party's U.S. presidential candidate warned on Wednesday that the billionaire businessman could become unstoppable if he wins two crucial nominating contests next week.

Trump no longer funny: Hillary Clinton

WASHINGTON: Hillary Clinton took aim at fellow White House hopeful Donald Trump over his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States, saying: "I no longer think he is funny."