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Indian PM Modi chooses Hindu holy city of Varanasi for elections

Modi has once again chosen to contest the country's upcoming elections from the Hindu holy city of Varanasi

Salvation House — where Hindus go to die

Hindus believe that dying in Varanasi releases them from the eternal cycle of life and death reincarnation

India’s Varanasi temple corridor destroys old neighbourhood

'Banaras (Varanasi) is defined by its galis (narrow lanes), and by creating this corridor, he is robbing Banaras of its very identity'

Stampede kills 24 at religious gathering in India

VARANASI: A stampede at a religious gathering in northern India killed at least 24 people Saturday as thousands of devotees of a controversial guru...

Sonia Gandhi falls ill during election rally

NEW DELHI: Sonia Gandhi, the head of India's opposition Congress party, fell ill at an election campaign event Tuesday.

Jumbo welcome for Solar Impulse plane in Myanmar

Solar Impulse 2 was met by dancers dressed in an elephant costume as it landed in Myanmar's second largest city Mandalay, completing the fourth leg of its landmark circumnavigation of the globe powered solely by the sun.