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Viral: Girl, 8, puts up ‘father for sale’ poster after minor disagreement

A hilarious photo went viral on social media that showed a poster put up by an eight-year-old girl who tried to sale her father...

Viral: Solar-powered ice cream truck grabs attention of netizens

The photo of a solar-powered ice cream truck has grabbed the attention of netizens, sparking discussions and admiration for the street vendor’s innovation. The photo...

Optical illusion: Is this woman floating on ‘magic carpet’?

A photo captured by Nick Hannes created an optical illusion in which a woman was seemingly floating on a magic carpet during her speech...

Steven Seagal’s viral photo fighting alongside Russian forces deemed FAKE

Viral photos of renowned actor Steven Seagal, in which he was seen fighting alongside Russian forces against Ukraine, have turned out to be fake...

Astronaut floating above Earth: Do you know truth behind this viral photo?

A photo of an astronaut's untethered spacewalk has gone viral on social media which surprised many people who have now started questioning its authenticity. The...

Unusual photo of goose flying upside down captures people’s attention

An unusual picture of a dark grey-brown Bean goose that was flying upside down near the Dutch town of Arnhem has captured people's attention...

Viral photo: Man terrified after spotting a face in washing machine

A post went viral on social media after it was shared on Twitter by a man who spotted a face starring out at him from the washing machine.

‘Qubool Hai’: Fans confused by Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed’s Instagram posts

Saba Qamar posted a photo on her Instagram while holding hands of Bilal Saeed in front of a mosque in a traditional outfit.

Viral photo creates optical illusion, leaves people baffled

A forest officer, Parveen Kaswan, shared it on social media and challenged the netizens to determine which of the two animals was facing the camera.

Here is the story behind this heartbreaking picture!

This heartbreaking picture of the boy goes viral on social platforms after his uncle, Mudassir Khan's death that reflects the miseries of Muslims in India.

Black and white or coloured? Another viral optical illusion leaves internet baffled

Optical illusions have the ability to really mess with your brain

Did this photo push the photographer into depression?

A picture of a helpless antelope surrounded by three bloodthirsty and hungry cheetahs has been widely shared, in various languages

Little boy tries to save chicken’s life; picture goes viral

A photo of a little boy that features him holding an injured chicken in one hand and the money in other went viral on the internet with over 10 million likes and 80,000 shares so far.

Indian woman constable transferred after her photo with baby at work went viral

NEW DELHI: A heart-warming picture of Indian woman constable working at the office while her infant was sleeping on the desk went viral and...