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Tag: zebras

WATCH: Zebras disappear after jumping into river full of crocodiles

A video showing a herd of zebras crossing a river full of crocodiles has emerged on social media platforms. In the video, zebras can be...

This optical illusion involving zebras, lion, bird will reveal your personality

An optical illusion involving zebras, a lion and a bird has gone viral on social media claiming that the first animal netizens will see...

Viral photo creates optical illusion, leaves people baffled

A forest officer, Parveen Kaswan, shared it on social media and challenged the netizens to determine which of the two animals was facing the camera.

Denmark to retire its last four circus elephants

The government of Denmark will buy the country's last four circus elephants in order to retire them

Why do zebras have stripes?

Scientists are providing new evidence to answer the longstanding question about why zebras have stripes

Donkeys painted with black stripes to look like zebras at Egyptian zoo

CAIRO: A zookeeper in Egypt has been accused of painting black stripes onto donkeys to make them look like zebras, but the person has...

Zoo paints black stripes onto donkeys to make them look like zebras!

A zookeeper has allegedly painted black stripes onto donkeys to make them look like zebras. Mohamed Sultan denies that the animal at the International Gardens...

World’s largest gorillas ‘one step from going extinct’

HONOLULU: The world's largest gorillas have been pushed to the brink of extinction by a surge of illegal hunting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and are now critically endangered, officials said Sunday.