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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Tag: Zombie

Iran’s ‘Zombie Angelina Jolie’ shows her real face

In a shocking revelation, a young Iranian girl Sahar Tabar also known as 'Zombie Angelina Jolie' revealed her real face in an interview. The 21-year-old...

Florida city sends ‘zombie alert’ during power blackout

Residents in a Florida town were concerned after a mass 'zombie alert' text was sent out during a power outage in the middle of...

Zombie survival State of Decay 2 available worldwide on Xbox One

Fans can test their zombie apocalypse plans as State of Decay 2 from Undead Labs launches worldwide in Xbox Game Pass and exclusively on...

‘Walking Dead’ zombie game seeks Pokemon-style success

HELSINKI: Finnish game studio Next Games said on Friday it will launch a new augmented reality smartphone game in the coming months based on...

WATCH: Maid ‘possessed by evil spirits’ filmed inside family home

SINGAPORE: A man was shocked to see his housemaid creeping around in his house in a white dress and walking around like a zombie. Nurul...

Flesh-eating bug spreads across Australia, leaves victims with ‘zombie’ like wounds

MELBOURNE: A disease caused by a bug that transform into a wound and the flesh starts to be eaten, leaving a 'volcanic' or zombie-like appearance, is spreading terror across Australia, reported the Mirror

Clairvius is a real ‘Dead Man Walking’

We have often heard stories of people claiming to come alive again after their death, stories of people turning to zombies, but this is...

'Zombie church' helps Slovenia crucify corrupt leaders

SLOVENIA: "In the name of the Bell, the Pan and the Holy Pot..." Slovenia's newest religion may have the strangest of scriptures, but in a country plagued by corruption scandals, its anti-graft gospel has gained a huge following.