Saturday, September 25, 2021

8-feet tall Afghan cricket fan denied accommodation in India


Afghanistan will be playing its first ever test match against West Indies in India but one of the war-torn country’s fan who wanted to witness this occasion was facing difficulties in finding a room for himself during the tour.

Afghanistan, that is witnessing a war, opted India as its home ground to play test, one-day and T20 series against West Indies.

According to ANI, the fan identified as Sher Khan was denied room at different hotels in Lucknow, capital city of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, due to his extraordinary tall stature.

Sher Khan, who stands at eight feet two inches, has not found a suitable accommodation for himself in the state capital as majority of the hotels did not give him a room to stay and some even indicated that they found him ‘suspicious’.


The man later approached the Naka Police station where the police, after verifying his credentials, took him to Hotel Rajdhani on Tuesday night.

However, even after being accommodated at the hotel, his miseries did not end as he complained of small bed and uncomfortable washroom facilities.

A large number of crowd who gathered outside the hotel to meet the tall man also added to his suffering and was later transported to the Ekana stadium to watch the match by the police.

The Afghan man also found difficulties during travelling as he was unable to sit in rickshaws due to his tall and muscular stature.

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