Thursday, September 29, 2022

Tapal and its well equipped Rocketmen in Ariel ARY Feast


In the city of lights, Benazir Bhutto Park, specifically in the Clifton area was shining rather brighter than the entire city from 22nd till 25th December. All this bling and shimmer was due to the first ever Ariel ARY Feast presented by Tapal Danedar, that exhibited just the right amount of oomph to gather a footfall of as many as 100,000 people in just four days of its existence.


The festival offered more than fifty food and beverage stalls that remained crowded throughout these days, for their variety of taste and succulent aroma. But the feast was not just about food, it also accumulated top-notch Pakistani and International artists enthralling an uber lively audience. The singers ranged from Shazia Khushk, Saleem Javed and Sajjad Ali, to Asim Azhar, Farhan Saeed and the international sensation, Josh.

As Pakistanis, we want a precise cup of steaming Chai literally everywhere, and people really loved Ariel ARY Feast for their undisrupted dose of caffeine throughout the event because of the mighty Tapal and its rocketmen, reaching out to the people who craved for a conventional cup of tea while walking, grooving with their favorite singers and while having food, for that matter.


Tapal brought its unprecedented A-game to the show with its three teams; Team Danedar, Team Family Mixture, and Team Green Tea. Clad in Yellow and having the tea storage of the similar color, Team Family Mixture went on a searching spree for the people wanting to have their cup of Family Mixture tea. Team Danedar, dressed in red was stopped by ample people wanting to have a strong Chai and the outpour was legit phenomenal. Team Green tea, offering a wide range of flavors, donned in gray, was loved by a huge populace who wanted to sip Green tea before taking a second or even a third eating round.

Notwithstanding Tapal’s spectacular step, the rocketmen were dressed appropriately in an adequate safety gear incorporating masks, gloves, and hats in order to make sure that they serve nothing but the purest tea/green tea to all the enthusiasts. We also got in touch with a few of the Chai lovers and their admiration for Tapal is unexplainable, literally.

With all this being said, we hope that Tapal will come and enthrall the audience in every festival hereafter. What are your views on the story? Have your say in the comments’ section below.


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