Wednesday, February 8, 2023

No room for technocrat govt in constitution, says Rabbani


KARACHI: Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani said on Saturday that it was vital for the democratic process to hold next general elections on time.

Speaking to media after addressing a seminar here, Rabbani said there was no room for technocrat government in the country’s Constitution.

The Senate chairman stressed the need for holding the next polls in time and said it is the only way through which an elected government will hand over the reins of power to the next government.

He emphasized that all political parties should resolve their differences through dialogue.

It was too imperative for the state institutions to act by remaining within limits of the Constitution, he said and advised that every institution need to work within constitutional parameters.

There should be supremacy of law in the country and the institutions should be allowed to strengthen, he further said.

The chairman said no country can move forward without accountability, adding that the constitution provided a mechanism of carrying out accountability.

“Across-the-board accountability was important to make it successful,” he further said.

Highlighting the efforts of armed forces in purging the country of terrorists, he said they have achieved remarkable success in the fight against anti-state elements.

They cannot be eliminated in a short span of time, it will take some time to root them out completely, he added.


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