Monday, November 28, 2022

Technocrat set-up being brought to paralyze parliamentary system: Rabbani


ISLAMABAD: Former chairman Senate Raza Rabbani claimed on Friday that a so-called technocrat set-up is being brought in the country to paralyze the parliamentary system of governance.

“We won’t accept any system other then the parliamentary system,” the Senator said.

According to ARY News, People’s Party Senator Raza Rabbani speaking at the floor of the house said “..attendance of a special assistant in Cabinet meeting is violation of rules.”

“How a person sit in the cabinet who is not elected and didn’t take oath”, Rabbani questioned.

Rabbani said that five advisers and 17 assistants in the cabinet are un-elected. “Why the special assistants are sitting in cabinet sessions,” he asked.

“It is violation of the concerned Act. No person, except the ministers, could attend the cabinet session without special invitation for it, seasoned lawmaker said.

Senator Rabbani said the summaries of 22 Divisions of the government will carry the recommendations of the un-elected people. The formation of cabinet is discretion of the prime minister but the questions raised when appointments affect the matters of governance, “Whether we are moving towards the Presidential System of governance,” Raza Rabbani questioned.

He claimed that non elected people have been appointed in most of the government ministries.


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