Saturday, August 13, 2022

Telugu film Manasanamaha sets Guinness World Record


Telugu film Manasanamaha set the Guinness World Record for winning the most number of awards by a short film.

The Guinness World Record of 513 wins was confirmed on May 20.

Manasanamaha – which was made on a budget of $5,000 (Rs 1,024,455) – is directed by Deepak Reddy. It is produced by Shilpa Gajjala.

The Guinness World Record-winning movie tells the story of a young man Suraj recalling his romantic relationship with three women Chaithra, Varsha and Seetha. The female characters are named after the summer, monsoon and winter seasons.

Viraj Ashwin played Surya. Drishika Chander, Valli Raghavender and Prithvi Sharma portray the Chaithra, Varsha and Seetha characters.

According to Guinness, the director’s friend recommended him to get his work premiered in film festivals. It met with positive reviews.


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The project grew in popularity so did the demand for premiers in festivals and cinemas. It kept winning awards across the world.

Telugu actor Adivi Sesh and Pushpa director Sukumar congratulated Deepak Reddy for the accomplishment.

Sukumar’s picture with Deepak Reddy made rounds on social media.

The film is available for streaming on YouTube.


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