Thursday, August 11, 2022

10 scariest WWE superstars of all time!


We take a look at some of the most memorable WWE superstars which invoked fear int the hearts of their opponents with their appearance and antics.

  1. Doink The Clown

Seven different people have portrayed the character of Doink The Clown. Though appearances and behaviour of a clown can be frightening for some, WWE failed to capitalize on the opportunity and left the fans wondering if he could have made a great heel.



  1. Papa Shango

Papa Shango was a voodoo priest who used to “curse” his opponents during matches. His appearance made his gimmick even more frightening as WWE went to many levels to portray him as a scary character such as making his opponents choke and spit out blood.



  1. Boogeyman

Undoubtedly, one of the freakiest WWE superstars ever. Boogeyman used to psyche out his opponents with his swag and actions. The superstar used to devour live worms and make his opponents eat them as well.

Oh yeah, he once ate a diva’s skin growth as well.



  1. Gangrel

It can be said that Gangrel was the one who bought one of the greatest tag teams Edge and Christian on the map in the WWE. Gangrel’s theme music and entrance made his gimmick more amazing.

He would rise on to the stage with a ring of fire surrounding him. After climbing the ring steps, he would drink from his goblet and spit it in the air.



  1. Viscera

One of the most memorable big built fearful superstar gimmick was that of Viscera. Clad in black leather clothes and wearing white colored contacts, he was the muscle of The Undertaker’s Ministry faction and would carry out the Deadman’s dirty work.

He went on to work outside WWE after his release in 2000s.


  1. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

The main reason he is on the list is because of Damian, his pet snake. He used to set the reptile on his incapacitated opponents.

Waking up and seeing a snake crawl over you is not a pleasant sight, is it?



  1. Bray Wyatt

Although he hasn’t achieved anything significant in his career as yet, the list is incomplete without him. The deranged hillbilly character of Bray Wyatt invokes fear and amazes fans with his antics such as his exorcist walk.



  1. Mankind

Mankind was known for inflicting and receiving pain throughout his career. Whether portraying the character of Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mick Foley, he has been involved in several of the most amazing moments in WWE such as wrestling the first ever Buried Alive Match, getting tossed off a cell, falling on thumbtacks and hitting opponents with barbed wire baseball bat.



  1. Kane

Kane arrived on the scene with an impact and his debut was remarkable as well. He unhinged the cell door with his bare hands. Despite his career not being a big success, he proved himself to be a monster bent on destroying everything in his path.



  1. The Undertaker

Nicknamed “The Phenom”, The Undertaker career has been nothing less than legendary. The Undertaker’s gimmick has undergone several changes over the years but his evil side has stood out as the most memorable one.

It can be said that Undertaker’s character cannot be replaced by anyone.




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