Wednesday, December 7, 2022

‘The Bird That Drinks Tears’: PUBG releases gruesome trailer for new game concept


Krafton, Korean publisher PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has unleashed a “visual concept trailer” for a new game founded on the Korean epic story novel ‘The Bird That Drinks Tears.’ They’re still representing the game as “unannounced”, but say that the trailer shows the “mystical tone” they’re striving for.

Krafton says that they’ve been toiling with vision artist Iain McCaig to determine the aesthetic for the world, which Krafton say they’re also preparing on developing into a visual novel and a movie. McCaig has earlier worked on both Star Wars (where he designed Darth Maul) and many other Hollywood blockbusters.

‘The Bird That Drinks Tears’ is a four-volume fantasy series written by Lee Yeongdo, which draws motivation from Korean legend. I don’t know much more than that, but I am fully onboard with any fantasy fiction that doesn’t draw immaculately from Western tropes. All the more so if it involves oddly buff chicken-men, as seem to feature in McCaig’s artwork on Krafton’s site for the project.

Krafton announced they were developing a game based on the novels back in August, and that they were recruiting developers to work on the project under the name Team Windless. Releasing this concept trailer is probably an attempt to draw more talent to the studio, and who knows when or if there will be something more tangible to see.

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The Korean PUBG publisher does have several other projects currently in the works, including publishing Dead Spacelike The Callisto Protocol and a turn-based space pirates game from the makers of Subnautica.


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