Monday, May 23, 2022

The determined Hafiz-e-Quran who opened a roadside food stall


We have heard stories of people facing hardships in life and working hard to make to overcome their struggles. Such is the case of a girl named Amna from Lahore.

Amna, who is a Hafiz-e-Quran, took the burden of taking care of the family after her parents’ death.

The Lahore-born, who is the eldest of the three siblings, set up a roadside food stall in the city for making the family’s ends meet.

She laments about facing problems in paying house rent despite the business fulfilling their basic needs.

Amna, who is at the age of studying and playing, who is at the age of studying and playing, has big plans. She is looking to continue her from third grade. She wants to be a religious scholar in the future as well.

She believes that a person can overcome any obstacle if they work hard. She said that her hard work will yield dividends and make life easier.


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