There’s something seductive about the concept of contemporary action thriller movies. The phenomenon has been at play for the last 2 decades and has immensely grown fonder of with the hastening of time.

Hobbs and Shaw, Red Notice, Extraction and No Time to Die are included as a prime example of how fast paced action thriller projects can be a serious cash cow for the producers and a well carved out source of entertainment for the viewers.

The increasingly hyped about trailer of “The Gray Man” on Netflix is creating its own fanbase preceding to a soon to be released movie packed with full fledged spy action and adventure. The trailer depicts a serious narrative rather than the one often sprinkled with the element of humor as in aforementioned films.


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It is rather fascinating how much a movie trailer can spill the beans. It offers the horizon on which one can explore the possibilities about the film waiting to be unfold. The Trailer obviously does not convey the whole film, but again it certainly offers a lot to talk and discuss- and that’s the magic of it.

When one individual of an intelligence agency unveils confidential information, things start to get perilous for him. It gets more concerning when a stubborn bounty hunter sets out to hunt him down. The plot unfolds in curious way as both the individuals clash in a multitude of action scenes.

‘The Gray Man’ has two protagonists: The handsome Ryan Gosling against the dashing Chris Evans. Both actors come from a supreme club of exceptionally good-looking Hollywood men. However, it would be fun to see one pinned one against the other in a film that portrays the two as arch enemies.

It is quite unlikely for someone like Chris Evans to pull off a negative role. While observing Ryan Gosling as a charming rebel might not be something new, witnessing Chris in this role would be fascinating. Plus seeing these two on the same screen would be a rare sight and yet a treat to witness, especially for the Marvel fans.

Ryan Gosling has relatively a different fanbase with mix views and preferences. He has portrayed a relatively diverse set of characters. However, Ryan interviews and his show appearances create a different picture of him. He is more revered as a romantic country town blonde boy you would often see when you visit your grandma’s farm on vacations (If you’re in US). He is significantly (if not entirely) known for his romantic comedies such as Crazy Stupid Love and the musically La La Land.

The film also features Ana De Armas as the leading female role. She herself is an exceptional woman who has bagged the honor of becoming the most recent Bond Girl as well as working for an “in the pipeline” project in which she would be donning the role of the infamous Marlyn Monroe.

There are some notable roles featuring Dhanush (A South Indian actor) and Regé-Jean Page (from Netflix Bridgerton),

The movie trailer represents action throughout different borders, gun fighting beyond measures and enmity beyond morals.


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Based on the spy action and thriller novel series of Mark Greaney, The Gray Man seems a rather serious film, similar to No time to Die and the Fast and the Furious. But here’s the twist. It has been directed keeping the same idea in mind, by someone (or two) who has started showing an increasing interest in creating such movies. But who themselves are an icon in their own directed genre: in the Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU).

‘The Gray Man’ is an exclusive project of the Russo Brothers (Joe Russo and Anthony Russo) who are responsible for bringing Marvel franchises such as the Captain America and the Avengers to life. The fact that such figures are in helm of the movie gives it the credit enough to create the buzz.

Joe and Anthony Russo are typically not the ones who usually pursue something like The Gray Man. Before this trailer, the two brothers were known for their loyal compassion in creating superheroes or similarly related films, majorly for Marvel.
However, their foray on this genre speaks of a different personality carried by these brothers, a personality that is diverse and eager to explore new grounds. One of the brothers has reportedly been involved in writing for the upcoming Extraction 2- again something different to notice but yet equally exciting.

‘The Gray Man movie is a product of extensive splurging. It is one of the most expensive movies to be (or soon to be) featured on Netflix with an astonishing cost of $200 million. No expense was spared by the Russo brothers as it has been deemed a project very close to their passion.

With established actors involved, ‘The Gray Man’ is a start studded movie likely to be released on Netflix this July. The film seems rather satisfying for a teaser. But the real dissection would be after watching the entire film and for that, we have to eagerly wait for the release date.