Thursday, May 26, 2022

There is ‘zero’ load-shedding in Pakistan currently: Khurrum Dastagir


Islamabad: Federal Minister for energy Khurrum Dastagir has claimed that there has been ‘zero’ load-shedding in the country since May 1, 2022, ARY News reported.  

The Minster for energy claimed that there is no shortage of electricity in the country right now. He made the claim during a press briefing held in Islamabad on May 10.

Khurram said that there was no shortfall of electricity in the country when he completed his tenure as Energy Minister on May 31, 2018. Power plants with over 7000-megawatt production capacity were shut down when he took charge this time on April 26, he added. The electricity production in the country today is 22,634 megawatt, which exceeds our requirement, he added.

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He went on to clarify that only locations with severe line losses or insufficient bill recoveries have to suffer from load shedding. Long term and more efficient ways to curb load shedding are to shift to solar and wind-powered electricity, he added. Maximum usage of the Thar coal can also prove to be a very efficient way to curb the energy crisis of the country, the minister added.

Despite claims by the Energy Minister, several cities across the country have been suffering from 8-10 hour load shedding. According to KE sources, almost all areas are facing 8-10 hours of unannounced load shedding.


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