Sunday, January 29, 2023

Thieves dig tunnel to steal train engine


In the case of most bizarre theft, robbers dug a tunnel to steal a train engine brought for repair in the Indian state of Bihar.

You might have heard stories of unique thefts, but these robbers dug a long tunnel near the premises of railway yard and stole an entire train engine.

According to police, the thieves started taking parts off of the engine that was brought for repair and piece by piece the entire engine was stolen.

The thieves had dug a tunnel to the railroad yard; through it, they carried the locomotive parts and other items in sacks.

The police have arrested three suspects so far and on the information, they provided during the interrogation the train engine was found in pieces in the nearby district.

Last year, a railway engineer at Samastipur Loco Diesel Shed was suspended after he allegedly sold off an old steam engine kept at the Purnea Court premises.


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