Friday, February 3, 2023

Bollywood legend Vinod Khanna’s latest picture goes viral for all the wrong reasons


 The picture which broke all hearts, a picture which left everyone thinking and everyone is worried as to what happened to the once dashing Vinod Khanna, the man who once personified smartness.

Dressed in a hospital gown, the Qurbani star and 70s hearthrob Vinod Khanna looks very weak in the picture everyone is sharing with prayers for his recovery.

The actor is reportedly suffering from bladder cancer. While a few days back his son Rahul Khanna said he was admitted to the hospital because of dehydration.


“Dad was hospitalised on Friday for severe dehydration. The situation was quickly brought under control, he’s doing much better and the doctors are looking to discharge him soon,” Rahul told Press Trust of India.

The picture has left his fans and colleagues shocked. Talking to media actor Irrfan Khan opened up about Vinod’s health and even offered his organs in case of any need.


He said, “My good wishes and prayers with him. I hope he gets well soon. If needed, I’ll donate one of my organs to him. I think he is the most beautiful person in the entire industry.”

“I saw his photo today and I was shocked. I pray to God for his good health,” Irrfan added.



Vinod has appeared in as many as 141 films and he has many superhit movies to his credit.

Apart from movies, he has had enough affair with politics as well. He has been four times elected member of parliament from Gurdaspur, Punjab. He has also been minister of State Tourism & Culture and External Affairs.




This is the picture which has brought tears to his fans’s eyes.




Vinod in happy mood with his son Rahul.
Vinod in happy mood with his son Rahul.


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