Saturday, October 1, 2022

This optical illusion involving dice will show your focus level


Optical illusion games are not only good for your mind but it also shows a lot about your personality. This illusion involving a number of dices will show four focus level amid challenges in life.

Your ability to solve a particular game in a given time shows your determination and level of focus in life. Look at the image below. The image has so many dices.

Your task is to find the dice with seven spots in just 13 seconds. Let’s start the game.

Are you able to focus? Don’t forget to keep track of time.

Did you spot it? If no, then here comes the first clue! The answer you are looking for is not on the right. That should surely help you all.

Are you close? Another clue might help. Here comes the second clue! Your answer is not above. One last chance and we will give you the answer.

Look at the image below. Your answer is right there!

Did you find it? if yes then congratulations your focus level is too high.


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