Monday, August 15, 2022

WATCH: This Smart Pillow’s capabilities will shock you!


This ultra-comfortable Sunrise Smart Pillow will revolutionize your sleep. It wakes you up naturally.

Say goodbye to restless nights and stuporous mornings. You can effortlessly improve your body’s sleep and wake hormones with the pillow’s Deep Sleep technology for nights and Sunrise Alarm to start your day.

Nature’s sunrise isn’t just to light the way to the work in the morning. The gently rising light starts an invigorating chain reaction that’s natural and is key to being your best and feeling vibrant every day.

Study confirms that waking abruptly and in the wrong phase of your sleep can be as harmful as not sleep at all.

“We all have to wake up on time, but how we have been doing is unnatural. It needs to change. We want to change that,” said Product Designer Jacob.

“The Sunrise Pillow is the world’s first smart pillow. It attracts your sleep.. wakes you naturally with light and reinvents the alarm. Our specially designed LED lights, speakers and sensors imbedded beneath the layers of premium membranes,” he said.


Simply set your alarm, choose your wake up music and go to sleep. In the morning your pillow will glow to soft morning red to orange until your room is filled with white and your music plays to ensure that you are awake.

By mimicking the arising sun your body will be stimulated and wake up naturally. Fully refreshed and ready for the day.

“The Sunrise Pillow is designed to give you insight into one of the most important processes of your life – your sleep,” said the product designer.

Industrial Designer Philip said, “When designing the Sunrise Pillow we ensured that it is not only the most intruder smart alarm but also the most comfortable. We used soft fabric to keep you cool and comfortable entire night.”



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