Saturday, May 28, 2022

This year’s first Lunar Eclipse will be on May 16, not visible in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The first lunar eclipse of year 2022 will happen on 16th May this year, the Pakistan Meteorological Department said in a statement.

There will be a Total Lunar Eclipse on 16th May, however this celestial spectacle will not be visible from Pakistan.

This total lunar eclipse will be visible from North and South America, Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia, according to the PMD.

According to the Pakistan Standard Time, the celestial phenomenon will begin with Penumbral Eclipse at 06:32 PST, Partial Eclipse will begin at 07:28 PST, while Total Eclipse will begin at 08:29 PST, Greatest Eclipse at 09:13 PST, while Total Eclipse will end at 09:54 PST. The receding phase of the lunar eclipse will begin with Partial Eclipse ending at 10:55 PST, while the Penumbral Eclipse will end at 11:51 according to the Pakistan Standard Time.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, Earth, and a full Moon form a near-perfect lineup in space. The Moon slides into Earth’s shadow, gradually darkening until the entire lunar disk turns from silvery grey to an eerie dim orange or red. Then events unfold in reverse order until the Moon returns to full brilliance. The whole process for the May 16th eclipse will take about five hours and 20 minutes.


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