Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WATCH: Thunderbolt sets fire to Mount Afar in Saudi Arabia


A fire broke out at Mount Afar in Saudi Arabia’s city located southwest of Mecca after a thunderbolt hit the mountain, raising fears that if not contained timely it could lead to uncontrollable events.

According to details, the thunderbolt struck the summit of Mount Afar two days ago, through which the artery linking Yalamlam and Jadam in Al Lith, a city in the Tihamah region on the Red Sea coast, passes.

Local media reports quoting residents said that the fire is still burning, however, no one is able to reach the site due to difficult terrain.

The people expressed their great fear of the spread of the fire in large parts of the mountain due to strong winds, pointing out that the large area of grass and trees on the mountain would help the spread of the fire.

The residents said the location of the fire could only be reached by aircraft.

In another incident related to a thunderbolt that was captured on camera in Saudi Arabia, a man narrowly escaped death when lightning struck a car just a few feet away from him in Saudi Arabia’s Al Lith city.

He said, “Accompanied by a relative and while filming the atmosphere Sunday night in Al Kad Al Ahmar, south of Al Lith, our car was struck by a thunderbolt while they were next to it, without causing any harm, praise be to God.”

Hatimi said that they have never experienced something that close and loud. It was a loud crack of thunder as a lightning bolt streaks through the sky and struck the car, Gulf News reported.

“Light first then came the massive crack and boom, forcing me to cut filming from the horror of the situation.”

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